You’ll Be Stabbed

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Stabbed 5

I asked an expert on Taekwondo whether he would feel confident defending himself against a knife attack and he said that it all depended on the mindset of knowing he would have to continue the defense even though the offense has gotten in.  That is even if you get stabbed you must act like you’re not and fight just as strong.  This is the same determination one must take into any battle whether it be physical or even mental knowing that they won’t get away unscarred but still look forward. Many times we back out of fear and that is when the final blow comes against us but if we keep that philosophy in our head then there is nothing really to fear.  Our battles will leave marks but not scars that we will even look at.  It it the fear of pain mental or physical that stops us from our goals but if we can embrace that barrier and push through we might just open doors that appear locked to many looking in.

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