While You’re Off

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Fake Smile 4 Fake Smile 3

While you’re off enjoying a nice day wherever we will be working to entertain you. We will keep smiling as you continue to return that dish even though you ordered it wrong in the 1st place.  Our smiles will push through as we  play that piece on the  piano we’ve  worked on day and night on only to see you pass it in the night.  We are the forgotten souls that work hour extend past normal Memorial, 4th & Labor Days.  While you have your day at the beach, pool or restaurant someone else will be making sure it’s safe, sound and fun… for Y-O-U.  It will be the time of YOUR life not necessarily ours as we clean up your celebration    Don’t worry though for  the holidays are coming to an end and then we will have our days to see your beautiful smiles as well.

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