President Clinton & Anti Semite Louis Farrakan

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Bill Clinton & Louis Farrakhan Bill Clinton & Louis Farrakhan.jpg 2

I understand people coming together when a loved one passes away but when a former President stands with a man of hate at such an occurence then someone is very wrong.  President Bill Clinton not only stood next to Louis Farrakhan a “man” who called Hitler a great man  that Judaism is nothing more than a “deceptive lie” and a “theological error” among other despicable comments that continue even in 2018. To make the President look even worse the two other people in between have also been known to make remarks which were anti-semitic and anti-white.  Sometimes you can’t pick where you want to sit but you can decide then maybe it’s not worthy to be in such a row of hate.  President Clinton should have shown respect in a way that respects all people.

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