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Future Car Future Car 2

It’s time that we develop a car for the business person who still needs to work while traveling instead of spend endless unproductive hours. Here are some of the basic features (below) which would be part of the automatic installation.

(1) EMAIL UPDATES- Constant emails would display on your front panel which you could respond to with verbal command. During these email breaks the self driving feature would take over so you can worry about business conditions rather then road conditions.

(2) VOICE ACTIVATED EVERYTHING- Instead of worrying about which button needs to be pressed this car would listen to your words and work accordingly allowing you the time to work on other projects during your travel

(3) SWIVEL CHAIRS- In the self driving mode you could actually have a conference with your key individuals before you get to one.

(4) REMINDERS- This car would allow you to keep up with your calendar even if it’s changing faster then the speedometer.

(5) TEXTING WHILE SELF DRIVING- Don’t worry the self driving feature will take over so you can be distracted with those texts messages all day long.

(6) COFFEE BREAK- Your car will have your beverages ready to go so you can move two feet forward.

Future Car 3 future car 4



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