Blame It on my Bris

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It all started when I was 8 days old with a little snip in front of 100’s of people.  People say you forget your Bris but let’s  say they ran out of the Manischewitz after the procedure or it was a bad year, for I saw it all. Everyone looking at me in my birthday suit and just as I was just getting over a really great nap.  Imagine if you can the humiliation of everyone seeing you butt naked (literally) and watching your Shmuck (literally) go by, by. There were cheers of delight when it was all over but all I could think about was pass me the Vodka this wine is doing nothing. What a nightmare that turned out to be a blessing after all. Boy and they wonder why we Jews are so confused. G-D this has to be a divine act because who would have come up with such an act that one could eat a bagel with.

FOOTNOTE- If none of this makes sense to you please ask your local Rabbi or Priest that has a Jewish friend.

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