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There are things that I incorporate in my daily life that are above the normally bodily function and ones I’m going to try to add here are just a few (below).  I would add eating but with Yom Kippur coming shortly I can’t forget not to forget this activity.  What is on your own daily calendar and do you have time to add a few more.

(1) PRAYER– This is one I don’t want to forget for I don’t want me or my loved ones to be left and thank G-D I’m hear for another day to ask.

(2) EXERCISE-  It may not be at the gym but as long as there is a floor I can get in a few push ups.

(3) READING-  No it’s not “War & Peace” but life is a bit more peaceful when you escape to reading something instead of watching it.

(4) LAUGHING-  It is a medicine I need to take more of in my daily life.

(5)  CLEANING-  Not a daily activity that’s on my fun list until I see the result.

(6) LISTENING-  I have to remember I have two ears as well as eye’s with only one mouth to respond.

(7) THINKING-  Even in the craziest schedule I must allow my mind to think of creative thoughts that might be a bit bizzare or off the usual mark.

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