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Teasing 2 teasing 3

Teasing is hurtful and mean but it often is the greatest accelerator to change.tDon’t get me wrong for those who are stuck with those inheritant characteristics it’s just plain cruel but in  my own life (below) those remarks and actions helped make me a better person … at least some of them did.

(1) DRIBBLING- This was not the type on the basketball court and I became painfully aware of my water release and cut the flow.

(2) OKAY- This go to word was let go when a loved one would continue to tease me with the phrase “Where is Kay” everytime I said it.

(3) ORGANIZATION- It only took one dumping of my desk draw by my “teacher” to have me humiliated for life to keep organized.

(4) CRYING-  Yes, big boys don’t cry especially when they’re teased about it in the younger years.

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