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Marc Molinaro

If you want your party to win all the way through you have to start at the top of the ticket.  You need an individual who even if the odds are poor will stick their neck out and get the base excited with some meat whether it’s red or even well done.  For if the citizens aren’t excited enough to get out for the top of the ticket you can rest assured they want get out for those offices at ground level. Winning may not be essential but trying definetly is. Here are some basic ground rules for any such run.

(1) GET OUT THERE- Make sure the base knows you exist for those who attend congregations to those who work with the needy. That means visiting as many Church’s, Synagogues and Mosques before any vote is taken. It also means not only shaking hands at the food pantry but lending a helping hand.

(2) GET OUT THERE- Don’t wait for the media to come to you go to them with bold exciting ideas that make people (especially your base) want to vote for you even if you’re a 100- 1.

(3) GET OUT THERE- Campaign with as many candidates on your team as possible. Helping them will help you as well.

(4) GET OUT THERE- Walk where it’s uncomfortable as well as places that might require you to wear special boots.

(5)  GET OUT THERE- If there are supporters seeking to get involved find a place for them to feel comfortable seating. It’s hard enough to find those who truly care don’t scare them away with long lines or attitude.

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