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Governor Cuomo has some serious displacement issues as observed when he said “America has never been great”.  Of course the great citizens of New York think differently but we understand that the Governor feels poorly by his own performance and lashes out in a statement driven by his  subconscious.  His conscious can’t accept how great it is that we live in a country that has such freedom and opportunity for all it’s citizen’s because he’s tried to close many of those freedoms (ex 2nd Ammendment, Pro-Life, who belongs in this state). The governor also can’t accept that the only reason the state hasn’t fallen apart is because the great people of this state on their own keep it that way and the wonderful talents of our current occupant of 1600 Pennyslvannia Avenue.

I believe the people of this state should help the governor take more time to get the help that he needs to deal with his issues and pick someone else for his position. It will be for the good of Andrew Cuomo and it will insure we keep making America Great for everyone even G-D willing the former governor.

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