Trade Deal W Mexico

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Today a trade deal with Mexico could be signed which would givee both countries something to write about.  The deal would carry the following parameters (below) and help a stronger more permanent alliance of countries based on respect and good will.

(1) Mexico would increase the minimum wage for employees in it’s country.

(2) The United States would allow more part-time migrant workers with proper paper work to find employment in the U.S.

(3) FBI & DEA Agents would coordinate with Mexican officials to put an end to the drug cartels power and destruction in Mexico.

(4) The Wall between the United States and Mexico would help produce low cost Solar and Wind Energy for the people of Mexico and the United States (details on following blog)

(5) Trade between the countries would occur without governmental subsudies or tariffs playing a role on such products and without currency manipulation.

(6) After the wall is created the United States would work with Mexico to deal with the DACA situation and current illegal population in their country.

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