RACIST the last pit

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muddy cave 2 President Trump 101 Muddy cave 3

When the opposition has to use the “R” against this President then they are digging in the deepest muddiest cave to try and stop  him. They can only base this claim on a less then artful remark that was made after the unfortunate incident which occured in Charlottesville over a year ago and that the President will attack all his critics no matter who they might be.  The President long term record as a color blind businessman and his actions in the White House can not be construed in any way as such. Some might bring up a lawsuit decades and decades ago but when you run a billion dollar business there is always someone not happy with the results and will dig deep themselves. The President is far from perfect but throwing out the “R” word only makes your cause look dirtier then swimming in a muddy cave.   After all the fake news this is the next headline that will be used by my dog.

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