Fake Fame ?

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You’re video’s can become more famous by the dollar if you go sites such as 500views.com, Devumi.com, Venium.com, Views.guru, Upyourviews.com.   The question is it wrong to pay for the fame or to earn it one “real person” at a time?  Of course it would feel better if all of sudden there was a real groundswell that occurred natural but if artificial means help get the message started is that so wrong after all?  If your message can truly help others not just yourself then maybe the ethical dilemna gets even more complicated and if it’s not illegal and everyone else is gaining their fame this way then is there really a problem?  I guess in the end it’s who you are and who you “truly” want to be that will help to decide whether you want your fame to be artificial or natural for once the truth comes out it will never be the same.

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