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Rejected 1 Rejected 2

Why oh why have you rejected me!  We could have had something beautiful together. Can’t you at least give me some type of answer after I was  and I was ready to foot the bill again. How did my words (below) hurt you so? I was only trying to help and you took it the wrong way but won’t even tell me why or why!

Man crying like baby Crying alone 2

Sorry I’m getting a bit emotional I just thought we had something special after you accepted my advertisting love previously.  Where do I go now who can I turn to? It Makes No Sense !

FOOTNOTE– Facebook rejected my monies to boost this blog post (below)  that was meant to help people who are suffering from Type 1 Diabetes.


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Burning Money 3 Burning Money 2

The government it literally burning your hard earned money by not allowing Medicare to cover the MiniMed 670G System. This device allows a type 1 diabetic to stay in much better control avoiding costly hospital stays and procedures that happen way too often with a person who suffers from this sickness.  With a Hybrid Closed System it’s the only machine that makes sure that sugars won’t get too high or too low in an individual who has this sickness.  I can understand that the initially course of such device might be more then other devices but the savings to taxpayers in the long term is unmeasurable. One cost that can’t be measured though is the good that this machine provides to those who are suffering and their loved ones as they live a more normal stable life.


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