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The Torah/Bible mentions G-D’s eye’s several times which makes one wonder what they might be looking at. For those of the traditional jewish faith don’t believe G-D has any of our body parts so it must have a symbollic insight that one must look closer at. If we can see so far and G-D is omnipotent then G-D can see a whole lot further. A matter of fact we can’t escape G-D’s vision no matter where we would go or even attempt to hide. Yet just as eye’s can show different emotions from strained anger, to tears of joy as well as empathy we can expect those eye’s on us.  G-D is always looking out for us maybe we should have a deeper vision of what we are going to do before we act. Yet even as we walk the bumpy trail understand those eye’s have not looked away but see a whole different path of happiness, health and success in a clear vision once we keep our own eye’s wide open.


    • Bruce August 10, 2018 3:48 pm / Reply

      Beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!

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