3d Plastic Gun Blueprints

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3D Printable Gun Blue Prints Plastic Gun 3D Blue Prints 1

No I’m not printing them here just asking myself and you the question would you like them and should they be legal.  Should a private citizen under the First Ammendment be able to publish their own work or should the government intervene to “prevent tragedies”? Does the 2nd Ammendment Protect individuals right to bear arms that they can create and which would be easier to clear security barriers?  Yet unlike the media I won’t give you my opinion as of yet but ask you to think about 4 questions (below) before you determine yours

(1) Would people with evil intentions pay $5000 (the cost) to make such a gun currently? Of course over time if it does take off these costs will be reduced.

(2) Does your 1st Ammendment right protect individuals who want to show others how to build plastic explosives or hide weapons from TSA officials?

(3)  Is the 2nd Ammendment right to protect the people from people of from a government that might get out of control.

(4) If you believe this should be restricted from access to the public where is your line and if you believe this shouldn’t be restricted from the public where is your line if at all?

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