Three Identical Strangers- MY PAIN

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Three Identical Strangers

“Three Identical Strangers” was a pain that I brought on myself.  For if I watched the trailer in advance instead of listen to a loved one I would have went to a whole different showing.  This documentary (I hate 90% of documentaries) forget the key element of film-making to be entertaining.  Watching a documentary (did I tell you I hate documentaries) that repeats the same scene’s over and over again at different parts of the film is as dramatic as watching paint dry.  There are so many unnecessary scences in this documentary (yes I hate documentaries) such as watching one of the main characters shave his face that you wish you grew a beard over your eyes so at least you could get a good nap. Three Identical Strangers takes an interesting story and keeps it in the boring zone a place no movie goer should have to visit.

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