Hate For Hate’s Sake

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Let’s face many times we hate just for hate’s sake. We want an individual, team, or company to hate just because we just do. Whether it’s be a conscious or subconscious decision we find petty reasons to keep that hatred brewing. For example I hate the Yankee’s and know there is little logical reason for this decision other then they screwed up the game of baseball by being the first team to overspend on players.  Yet that was years and years ago and my hatred should have subsided.  Don’t get me wrong I have no hatred of the individual players I just want the team to have more losses then wins … way more losses.

Some of us subconsciously hate others because it gives us an excuse for the failures in our own life’s or it’s just easier to see the world in MSNBC or Fox News colors.  Yet if hate is taken too seriously it burns a whole in our heart which makes it harder to love and that is something we all can use more of.  So find a way to bring a little more life into those that you have such hatred for and see their good side as well.  I will do the same for the Yankees…well maybe that’s pushing it a bit.

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