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Open Mic Night

Last night I was on stage and didn’t even realize after my act that I was performing.  I also didn’t realize who I was performing for because then I at least would have been in for the jokes. Yes, G-D loves a good laugh and I definetly brought some on with my act called “Quick”.  I thought it was going to be a day with plenty of free time as I left work earlier to visit a doctor but that is where the punch line comes in.

(1) My stop to the Fast Food chain was less then fast. It was delicious but so slow I almost missed the doctors appointment even though plenty of time was scheduled for that in advance.

(2) The nurse examined my right on time only to wait and wait until the doctor said everything was okay except for my patients.

(3) My good deed of attending a Shiva call resulted in my waiting in my car for I had come too early after my previous waits.

(4) Another trip to a fast food restaurant was much slower then normal as they actually had to start from scratch.

(5) A pick up at 9PM actually had me wait till after bedtime.

G-D willing someone else will be on the big stage today who actually enjoys the laughter she/he is producing for the big boss.


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