Most Rewarding and/or Painful Investment

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Investment 1 investment 2

One of the rewarding and/or painful investments is the one with human capital attached to it.   This could be an investment that continues to grow overtime like no other as you see a person move from just walkin in to running your business to new heights. Yet the downside can be worse then any loss in the stock market especially if  feelings of betrayal are part of the formula for  unlike paper loses these one’s burn right through you. To the point of an individual losing any interest in this market as a whole with consequences that not only hurt them but all those seeking opportunities. Something to think about the next time someone is willing to invest in YOU.

FOOTNOTE- I’m confident the people who read this blog post would be excellent investments in talent but they might know some one who should read this post before they screw it up for the rest of us.

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