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BREAKING NEWS- June 13th- 9:30 PM.   Here is the first ever interview with Stanley the Raccoon who climbed the UBS building.  Warning this is a biting interview.

INTERVIEWER- Stanley everyone wants to know why you did it?

STANLEY- President Trump was getting all the attention with some deal he made with North Korean’s and I felt us Raccoons were being ignored.

INTERVIEWER – So this was a political statement

STANLEY – Actually UBS wouldn’t answer my phone calls about an investment I wanted to make in Chestnuts.

INTERVIEWER- I’m confused for you’re going us two different motivations for what you did?

STANLEY- What can I say I’m a complex animal.

INTERVIEWER- There are even rumors going around that a squirrel actuall dared you do to and that’s why…

STANLEY – Of course that is the reason.

INTERVIEWER- Can I get a straight answer from you.

STANLEY= That’s what you get when you try to interview especially one who wears a mask.



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