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Kim Jong Un & President Trump

As anyone who has read my blog post knows I’m Red in the Republican sorta way but after the “successful summit” between Presidential Trump & North Korean Leader Kim Jong On” I wanted to see a whole bunch of other colors including Blue.  It’s not that I don’t believe this was a great step I just want to make sure we don’t walk too fast and hit a wall or G-D forbid a rocket.  Yes, I’m skeptical but it’s based on history of the North Korean regime and how it’s played the world in a Poker game since it’s inception.  Over time the leaders of this tyrnical regime continue to have the upper hand because we continue to see their cup over flowing with change when it has only been a few drops that are easily wiped away.  So let me listen carefully from all the critics even those who always “Hee & Haw” because now is the time we must trust but verify every step of the way.

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