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Writing Letter

How do I put into words a special relationship that means more then most. For my sister has fulfilled that role in unusual ways that most others would step into instead. Here are just a few that have stayed with me.

(1) PROTECTOR-  Before self confidence came into my life bullying was there and my “big sister” was able to nip it as this freshman entered High School. Seniors do have priviledges especially those in the “cool crowd”.

(2) BIRDS & BEE’S –  When I asked my sister why she was in a bad mood I got an explanation to many life’s lessons.

(3) TOO COOL-  My sister protected my image as well trying to prevent me from continuing to date those who would destroy it.  What image?

(4) SAFETY-  When the FBI said my life was in danger there was one place our family could hide my sister’s  house. 

(5) FAMILY-  My sister held my son’s 1st birthday party in her house and it was a blast for everyone. She is always willing to share her house for many family occassions.

(6) POLITICALLY SHREWD- She has always made sure my political viewpoints were on point as she challenges them everyday. I’m ready and able maybe not willing.

(7) GREAT LAUGH-  We have shared many a hysterical moment even during the great introduction. (personal joke) 

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