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Is this the look and/or feel you have when someone asks “that” question? A question that appear so bland like “how was your day? Did you like the food?” If that’s not annoying enough once you answer those questions then the  full interrogation interrogation 2  begins with dozens of questions coming you way.  Well maybe it how you look at the question that counts. For if you see the question as probing into your life then it’s truly 1/4 full but if you see it as a desire to become closer to you as well as someone really interested in YOU then it’s 3/4 full. Excited 7 Of course I’m not naivve and realize some questions are meant to trap you in a box but for those that are really out of love why not show a little love back.  For we questions might be loving and curious isn’t it time you found that answer 1st?


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