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Writing Letter

When you spend the last 25 years with the same person day after day there are definetly items you will forget.  So to insure my mind doesn’t go blank before such time here are a few that come to mind.  The list could be much longer but at least it’s a start that G-D willing won’t be finished anytime soon.

(1) FREE TIME- You have given me the space and time to think like nobody else because our hours and frequency can work at different times. This has given me opportunites and visions I would never have had with anyone else.

(2) TRIPS- We gone to places that I never dreamed of together and one’s that continue to drop into the bucket from Israel, Paris, Texas to Rhode Island. It’s been a trip worth seeing.

(3) DOGS- There is no way that our dogs would have had the life they have had without your continued care and love.

(4) SMALL THINGS- While others look to conquer the world you are happy just to go out to dinner or just be in loved ones company.

(5)  HONESTY- Your expression is right there open to the world with no mask or pretense behind it.


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