Piece or Pieces

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puzzle piece many puzzle pieces

The “GREATEST” or great in many areas?  Are you known as an expert in one field that only grows over time or have you spread those pieces of yourself in many different realms?  Those that are the greatest in one field are known by those who follow such a field and sometimes even those who look in that area but over time others might step over that expertise. Yet those who are great in many fields touch many life’s in all different ways. These individuals become smaller puzzle pieces that when linked together might just become a bigger picture then the GREATEST at a later time period.   Maybe it’s my lack of greater focus or just interest in so many aspects that have lead me to the path of the later.  G-D willing my pieces won’t be so scattered that the image of Bud Rebel fades faster then those of GREATEST but if it does well at least I was there in many worlds for the moment(s).

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