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Waffle House Killer 1

It is disgraceful that the Mayor Of Nashville jumped out into the gun control debate right after the death of innocent civilians and before they even caught the perpetrator.  This mayor blamed a gun for what occurred even though the legal right to possess such guns was taken away from this sick individual months before.   Yet instead of confiscating said guns they Secret Service gave them back to his father who then allowed his son illegal access to these tools.  Of course law enforcement officials should have performed their job and watched this individual after the incident at the White House which caused his legal right to be taken away but I guess they were to busy giving out speeding and traffic tickets.  Before we even considering infringing on the rights of millions of law abiding gun owners let’s start utilizing our resources to deal with the few who have serious mental health issues and  others with crimminal histories that shouldn’t be in possesion of such tools. Once that truly occurs then G-D willing we could put a stop to this evil occuring in our society.

Victims of Waffle House Killer 3

FOOTNOTE- I purposesly didn’t show the demented individual who caused such pain and instead focused on the victims. Maybe the media should help and do the same.

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