Top 20 Evil People of our time

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David Turpin & Louis Turpin

If the story is correct this could be the face (above) of the top 20 most evil couple of our time. While others have committed heinous acts in our lifetime there are several reasons (below)  I would put the Turpin’s on a one way ticket to a burning hell. Of course everyone is innocent till proven guilty but 13 malnourished chained up children appears to be enough evidence that these are evil people.

(1) CHILDREN- We have seen evil acts against one child of one parent but never to a group of 13 that the parents have raised from birth.

(2) TORTURE- Where a murderer intends to kill the innocent it’s usually a quick act this is reported to be methodically torture for years.

(3) CHILDREN- Some evil is committed against others because of some “motive” as twisted as it is but these are innocent children that have to live with this horror for the rest of their life’s.

(4) PARENTS-  Can anyone see or feel any parental love in the constant abuse of one’s own flesh and blood by what appears both parents?


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