Senate & Pharaoh

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It seems so obvious that Pharoah should have listened to G-D’s command and let the Jewish people leave their chains of bondage yet the desire for complete “power” continues today. For some of those in power will ignore all the signs and cries which appear obvious to us. Whether it be someone who was riding high in the entertainment field as they believed know one  or nothing could stop the Lauer or Weinstein name or those we see in political office who believe their power base is those that aren’t even on a base. Today such a shut down appears to be happening as the Senate Democrats appear to want to close down government for individuals who didn’t even give them the power to be there. They will see signs of despair of those that keep them in office, their constituents and I wonder if they’ll stop in time.  For power can be one means to an end but when it’s your only goal it eventually have you crashing into the sea, powerless.

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