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How can someone or something  deal with boredom and/or lack of drive? When those moments come knocking on my door I have to open up a new window and climb out. Here are some ways I’ve  been able to solve my blah monkey moments so I can jump as if my tail was really wagging.

(1) EXERCISE- Trust me there is a high you can get that helps you’re whole body move a bit faster.

(2) ACT SILLY- Sometimes you have to force yourself to laugh more even if everyone else can’t stand it.

(3) CREATE- Write, draw or think in a way that your mind isn’t used to thinking and a whole new world will open up.

(4) DIFFERENT PATH- Take some steps down the path you haven’t traveled even if it’s a minute or two of getting lost.

(5) CALL- This is the time to call that long lost friend you haven’t spoken to but always had an interesting story.

(6) READ- Open your mind up to a whole new world or universe that let’s face it may be more interesting then the one you are in now.

(7) BOOB TUBE- Yes you can always escape to the mindless activities that help soothe your mind and then realize how much work you have to catch up with later. This will probably fill you with many different emotions but boredom not being one.

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