TOTALLY OFFENSIVE- Turpin’s School for Parenting

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David Turpin & Louis Turpin

WARNING This post is completely and utterly offensive as well as I hope hilarious.

Let’s face it in today’s world the children run the household but not after the “Turpin’s School For Parenting”.  At this school you’ll learn old fashion ways to keep your children in line and make sure they stay there (chains not supplied). While the school might be expensive to attend for it’s location (California Prison) you’ll save plenty on your food bill.  Turpin’s School Of Parenting will also teach you how to keep those pesty neighbors and human rights advocates away from your door for no extra charge but a key in the cake would be nice.  So go ahead get control of your household with “Turpin’s School For Parenting”.  You deserve a break today as the Turpin’s have a bit more time on their hands (probably life) to  teach and would love to have you join them in cell 666.

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