President Trump Health Great and

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President Trump 101

President Trump appears to be in great shape according to his doctor and we shouldn’t follow his health advise.  There are many attributes one can follow with this President but the way he maintains his health except for not smoking is something we might even have to look at Democrats instead. For most of us don’t have his wonderful genetics to eat fast food and diet cokes on a regular basis without it Super Sizing us. When we do have an extra bite we know it’s time to hit the gym unlike this President who prefers a leisurely game of golf.  The President’s DNA have played a great role in his health and G-D willing will continue this successful streak yet even he should look at his cards. For we are all dealt a deck of cards and when our number is up there isn’t much we can do except if we have played it right with proper exercise, rest, diet and faith maybe we’ll get an extra card or two in the deck.

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