House of Evil – HOW? WHY?

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David Turpin & Louis Turpin

This appears to be the pictures the leaders of such a despicable house of cruelty to their own children  David Turpin and Louise Turpin which begs the question how, where and why? 13 of their children who were shackled to beds and who appeared emaciated from lack of food. If a 17 year old sibling didn’t escape from this hell to alert authorities how many children would have perished in between?

(1) Why would someone do this to children let alone their own loved ones?

(2) How could know one in the community not notice what was going on and alert authorities?

(3) Where was the local school officials who should have noticed the abuse of these children?

For a society as civilized as we are this should never have occurred and without the answer to these basic questions I fear it just could .

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