Shabbat to Live

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Shabbat Live

I was recently told by my rabbi that it is just to work on Shabbos to save a life even if it’s not directly saved. For example if it’s a bitterly cold day and your business sells heaters you can open your business to sell those in need who might be unduly suffering.  Yet I’m taking it a step or 2 further because Shabbos should be filled with “life” as a whole. If one is totally bored during this period then are they filling this commitment? I believe  one should do the activities that make them enjoy this “life” exclusive of direct work and immoral drives that add to the pleasure of the day.  For some I might be touching on the taboo but I believe G-D wants to make sure Shabbos is truly special in our heart, mind and soul and sometimes that path can take different routes for different unique souls.

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