Jeff Bezos- $33 Million Mistake

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Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos has made a $33 million dollar mistake (which is $10 dollars to us who aren’t the richest people in the world) when he believes that this money to “dreamers” education is in his father’s name. For his father came to this country legally and from an oppressive regime which isn’t close to the journey “dreamers” have taken.  A matter of fact I’m sick of using the word dreamers for these individuals for according to all those who support such individuals they didn’t know where or what they were doing so how could they dream about it.  Jeff’s father might have supported some form of legalization of such individuals but probably would have wanted $’s donated to help legal immigrants assimilate in their new country so they could be more successful like Jeff. Mr Bezo’s is therefore not making this $10 donation in his father’s name but to insult the President’s name for political purposes. Therefore this donation should not be tax deductible but considered a political donation instead.

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