I’m Insane!?

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How do you know that you're not insane?  Insane 3

You say I’m insane and maybe I am but just a week ago you would called me the most sane person in the room. For even the most “normal” are only a few steps away from a cliff. Trust me I thought I was different and now this jacket says elsewhere. Imagine a professional psychiatrist caught up in his own mind that will not let him leave until… It’s just those constant triggers pulling at from each and every angle that caused me finally to explode and did I ever for after the break everything around me was broken but I was at true peace.  I’m no different then you although our triggers might be different for once they are pulled over and over again you will explode and afterwards nothing will be sane anymore. Sanity insanity is just a measure of painful drops to an explosion.

FOOTNOTE- Dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe

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