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Writing Letter

Dear President Trump:

As one of the irredeemable deplorable s  I ask you to rethink the policy decisions on legal immigration. For my own grandfather came to this country as a teenager with little more then coins in his pocket and probably not a word of English and helped insure that deplorable s like me and my father (not so deplorable) moved up the ladder to success. Immigrants from “shitty” countries can truly help the rest of us realize what a great country we have. They appreciate all the bounty and opportunities that we possess in this land as they show us new ways to grow which we never looked at before. Many of these individuals from Haiti, Africa, Poland etc take the less desirable positions that most American’s would never consider and do the work with pride which can be lacking in those that have not known true lacking or opportunities.  These individuals also teach us all about pride and patriotism as they would never kneel for a flag but die to defend it’s right to wave.  I am not wavering in my support of the good works that you’ve done as President and G-D willing will continue to do but on this policy decision I believe you’re wrong and as a supporter I believe I should tell you. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and may G-D bless the U.S.A


Bud Rebel

FOOTNOTE- This letter will be sent to the White House.

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