Trump Direct Talk Not Best Talk

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President Trump 2

Let’s face it President Trump was not put in this position because he has the art of the mouth but the art of the deal and that means sometimes even his greatest supporters have to cover their ears slightly.  For we understood that when he said F**** Group it wasn’t meant as a slur against any particular group but the nature of absorbing any large group of immigrants without worrying about how it effects the people already living here. It might take a strainer or 2 to get to this point but let’s face it he’s an America 1st President and he therefore worries first about the legal citizens of this country rather then the illegal immigrants as well as those that want to join us. The President doesn’t want to take in anymore immigrants that might take away jobs from American’s already living here or add to a budgetary constraints of local or federal governmental expenditures.   So he says it like many of us would at a local bar or with close friends and it might not be right but it is felt.  If this language gets those at the bargaining table to realize he’s serious and make a “real deal” that protects our citizens 1st then maybe once in awhile a slip of the tongue isn’t so bad after all.

FOOTNOTE- The President has recently claimed he didn’t say these words and therefore I believe we all should wait to pass judgment about these words even if they aren’t words we would use.

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