Part Time-Vegetarian

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I’m a part-time vegetarian where certain days of the week you would swear I’m a vegetarian and other days a meat eater. I believe it’s important to have a balance diet and depriving myself of meat type products isn’t healthy for the long term but could be good for a couple instead.  I also want to do my part for my 4 legged friends as well as those with no legs (fish).  It is true not eating meat a couple of times won’t bring any of my friends back to life but maybe others might follow and then a couple of Daffy’s (Duck) or even Foghorn (Roosters) will have a better life. It also is supposedly good for the environment by not having as many cows flatulate  and it smells a bit better. Finally it’s sorta of my rebelling call of not falling into one camp but going my own way as a part time vegetarian.  Are you eating that Carrot?

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