Sick War!

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War Strategy

When I’m feeling sick like a dog or even a cat I call my body in to discuss a war strategy for attack. There is nothing left to chance as all aspects of the body, mind and soul must go on the offensive to cause a quick and G-D willing decisive victory. Here is my general strategy which I hope you want share with the enemy cells (literally)

(1) SLEEP- My body needs all the energy it can to fight those elements that want to attack it so rest is a requirement in advance.

(2) TEA, MORE TEA, & EVEN TEA- The body is inundated with enough tea so my cells won’t be deprived of the thirst they need to go to battle and if they’re nice some honey is put on the side.

(4) VITAMIN’S OVERLOAD- These are the missiles that throw the enemy into hiding.

(5) SWEAT- It’s brutal to fight a battle so I decide to sweat it out with layers that insure it’s plenty wet after the initial attack.

(5) ADDITIONAL PRAYERS- Since my body is doing all the fighting it needs help from the true force.

(6) JEWISH PENICILLIN- Just to make sure the enemy is completed defeated this remedy knocks them down for the count especially if Matzoh Balls are added to the mix.

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