Miracle Phone

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Crushed Phone

This should have been the fate of my cell but instead a miracle of cell phone proportions occurred.  First I had dropped my phone outside in the bitter cold and couldn’t find it till it was covered in snow trying to retrieve my call as it shivered back to life. Then that same day in the more extreme bitter cold I ran to put my groceries in the car and as I was returning home I noticed my cell phone was no where to be found. I drove back to the grocery store and tried to find the same spot I was previously at to park. Then I proceeded to open the door but before I actually did I thorough investigation I found my cell phone inches from my door.  It was so close that if I didn’t park exactly where I did it would have been crushed by feet or worse yet tire power.  For those who don’t believe this was just a lucky coincidence but for the faithful it was another color on a painting that many never really look at until it’s too late.

FOOTNOTE- G-D works in ways that may make sense once the puzzle is truly looked at one piece at a time.

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