Frozen Pipe- Lesson Of Life

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Frozen Pipe

In life you are often forced into lessons that you should have taken in school and for me today it was basic plumbing (very basic).  When the kitchen sink wouldn’t turn on I knew something was wrong but didn’t realize a hair dryer would come to the rescue. Here are a few tidbits (below) that I learned from this experience and by my very talented plumber.

(1) If it’s very cold outside let your water run especially the hot water side. I know your water bill might be a bit more to do this work but it’s less expensive then having the plumber visit.

(2) Hair Dryers do a great job warming a cold pipe if you can find where the frozen section actually is.

(3) Turning your shut off valve all the way to the right stops the water flow and turning it to the left opens it up.

(4) Even if you have a frozen pipe you won’t have to worry about any leaks as long as your faucets are open.

FOOTNOTE- Please don’t take my advise as gospel on this subject matter for I am still a plumbing 101 student who hasn’t passed his 1st test.

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