Fire & Fury – PART II

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March 3, 2018- Michael Wolff has shocked the main stream media with his new book “Fire & Fury Part II” or the “real story”.  “I wanted to give the media the story they wanted to read in my first book and then once I grabbed them tell the truth in the 2nd book, otherwise the truth would never be heard”, said Michael Wolff.  The 2nd book tells the opposite account of a White House Administration that was able to move past initial problems fairly quickly with an extremely competent Commander in Chief in charge. There is a rumor that Donald Trump might have known about this scheme from the beginning and brilliantly Chess Mated the mainstream press with his initial reaction. “Fire and Fury  Part II” is not expected to be the blockbuster of part I with mainstream critics lambasting it as fiction but is sure to be a favorite of the many deplorables especially those that are irredeemable.

FOOTNOTE-  Hopefully this isn’t going to be fake news.

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