80’s VS Today

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1980's 2   Today

I know I’m revealing a bit of my age for those who mathematicians but what the hell I’m still around today. So here is a comparison of the benefits of these two time periods (below) from just one person who has lived through both periods and G-D willing many tomorrows as well.

1980’s PLUSES ++++

  1. Community – With only a few selections in entertainment that was not as easily at your disposal there actually was something we all could talk about at the water cooler or recess.
  2. Big Events- Events were larger in the 1980’s then they are today because the hype truly had an impact through the select media we all watched.
  3. CNN – It actually did a better job pretending it was fair and balance then it does today. Journalist actually gave Republican’s some credit for achieving good results.
  4. NFL– Football and all other sports were actually fun for all to watch not political showcases that leave many looking for other entertainment.
  5. NY Met’s & USA Hockey- Who could forget the 1986 dream World Series win for the NY Mets and the conquest of the Evil Empire on the Ice Rink.
  6. Ronald Reagan- Trust me he was hated as much by the main stream press but the patriotism that he brought back to our shores was contagious.
  7. Outside- We actually enjoyed playing and being outside without a phone.


  1. Medicine- Friends and family members we would have lost in the past are alive and healthy in today’s times.
  2. Fingertip Knowledge- The world of knowledge is truly at your fingertips without a trip to the library or even carrying a book.
  3. Food Options- I can’t remember a time when anyone ate Guacamole, Kiwi’s or Sushi and forget about the quality of Chocolate.
  4. Entertainment Options-  Compare 3 basic channels and records to today’s endless options in entertainment.
  5. Fox News – We can actually listen to different viewpoints on all the major issues.
  6. Technology – The advances in technology appear endless and are in all aspects of one’s life.
  7. Niche’s  There are ways you can more easily find someone who shares your unique characteristics.


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