Friend the Friendless

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Lonely Single Woman 2 Lonely

There are positive and negatives when one attempts to friend the friendless that are generally listed below but above them all is the why? Is the reason they appear to lack friends based on some particular act that changes their character or is it a time and place  that makes this individual feel out of place? Was it a one time incident or a pattern that would beat at you such a dripping faucet. We should always reach out to those who appear alone but be careful that they don’t pull you in as well.


  1. Loyal Friend– Most likely this individual will be so happy to have a friend that betrayal will not be a problem.
  2. Easy– You probably won’t have to worry much about the way you act when you around such a friend because they don’t have many other places they are welcome.
  3. Nice- It appears to be the right thing to do
  4. Prevent Tragedy- Those that are loners might need a friend or they could become a problem for themselves and society as a whole.


  1. More- Could their friendless state be do to a more problematic and dangerous side that you didn’t initially perceive that sucks you in as well.
  2. Leech- Will this new “friend” cling on to you and not give you the space you desire.
  3. Boredom- Maybe this individual has no particular reason that they are friendless except that they are the color of “gray” when the world around them is bright.


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