DEAD phone…..

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There were no real signs that my cell phone was going back to it’s maker before it passed on. I remember just before Star Wars The Last Jedi was to begin that we were looking at old emails and going shopping and then it died as the credits started to roll.  Was it just too cold for it to go outside, was the force against it,  or did I go to far with the Apps? I may never know all I know is I lost my life partner well at least for the last two years or was it 3. Life went so fast with this cell phone as my friend and now it’s gone in an instant. Where will I go what will I do… for I believe Verizon is closed for the holiday. Yet I’ll always have the good times to remember.

(1) TIME- You were always their to make sure I knew what time it is and now I don’t know when to begin or end. How will I spend my time without the many books and information you have provided me with a key stroke?

(2) FRIENDSHIP- We shared many friends together but now they are hidden in your memory banks. I hope Verizon can restore them.

(3) LOST- I will not be able to count on you to help me get around but have to actually use my own mind.

(4) HIP- Your searches helped make sure that I was always in the know.

(5) WEATHER- What will I do to find out about the weather without you step outside?!

(6) CONTACT- I have no contact with the outside world when I leave these premises.

(7) REALITY- My escape will not be the same without you. I will actually have to imagine a whole different world

FOOTNOTE- With your passing I know you will understand if I have to move on before the burial (in a Verizon bag), maybe from the deep fields of your circuits you can give me one last recommendation …on which model? Maybe?

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