12 People Dead in Bronx Fire…. Why?

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Bronx Fire

Why in today’s day and age when we have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and ample resources should 12 people perish in a fire in the Bronx?  We all can understand how fires can start and spread rapidly but with all the resources at hand they shouldn’t claim this many innocent life’s. This is especially true at night during a holiday weekend when roads are clear for a quick response from those trained to save life’s. Something is not adding up and an investigation shouldn’t just occur in the management of the building but those trained to make sure it’s safe for the residents as well as those that respond to such emergencies.  Maybe if city government wasn’t so deeply involved in other parts of our life’s it would be able to focus on it’s most essential aspect protecting our life’s and tragedies like the fire in the Bronx could be avoided in the future.

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