President Trump = American Fighter

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President Trump 102

He's lucky he had friends

President Trump is an American Fighter who stands and fights the battles many have been afraid to fight.  We live our life trying to avoid conflicts just to get through the loudmouths even if we want to shout as well, that is  until President Trump took some of the punches for us. We may not agree on all the punches he’s thrown but many of them (see below) have led us to cheer out loud which we felt uncomfortable only a year ago.  For those who disagree on those punches it’s not that you’re not an American but just want a different boxer to enter the ring to fight back. We who support the President though are up for the challenge and have learned from his skill how to throw a rhetorical punch as well.

(1) NFL SMACK DOWN–  We considered it a disgrace that the privileged didn’t have the respect to honor the Flag with standing at attention but kept our voices and $$ shut until the fighter entered this ring.

(2) ISLAMIC EXTREMIST- Many felt we were fighting a political correct battle instead of using our entire resources to destroy this evil that only grew as we waffled.

(3) JERUSALEM-  Our leaders would state the position we seemed to all agree on the campaign trail but somehow it became to difficult to capitalize on it in the real world. 

(4) FREEDOM-  This word didn’t exist when expressing the right to buy or not buy a service or violate our religious teaching until this year’s difference.

(5) HISTORY-  As historic moments were taken down instead of added too we felt that only one story was going to be told instead of the full fabric of a nation. 

(6) WALLS-  The walls many of the elites use to protect their property were not permitted to protect the rest of us.

(7) DEEP STATE- We knew it was wrong that those in power would use all means necessary to stay in power but didn’t have the strength and/or courageous to be drawn into the battle. 


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