Crush It – I’ll Touch It Instead

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Crush It

Gary has a formula that shows how you can make real $$’s on your passion which he showcases in his book “Crush It” yet for me I’ll probably just touch it.  For although I’m passionate it’s about too many things to focus all my time and energy on just one. I’m a smorgasbord of  ideas and thoughts on so many topics it’s hard to find one “Crush It” topic. Furthermore although I devote  hours or so to this blog and social media marketing I can’t imagine it taking most of my day and night even though I love it as well as the people who read my post. It’s not that I’m not passion about this work it’s just there are too many other plates spinning around in my life and if one time is focused on one they all might come crashing down.  So I will touch it and hopefully others will as well leaving the world a bit better then before I started writing even it’s just a slight embrace.

FOOTNOTE- This doesn’t mean I won’t pay $$ for those that can do a bit of crushing for me.

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