Christmas for All even

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I declare Merry Christmas for all even those that share the Christian faith.  Here are some of the reason (below) my fellow non-Christians should enjoy this holiday.

(1) BIRTHDAY PARTY– If you take the religious aspect out of the holiday it’s a birthday party for an individual named Jesus. You might not have an invitation but it’s still nice to be happy for someone’s birthday. It’s also one of the few birthdays you don’t get presents for the one who’s birthday it is but the other special people in your life.

(2) DAY OFF/DAY OF NO PRESSURE- Not only is it a day off but it’s a day when there is no pressure to accomplish anything with most businesses closed you truly can sit back and relax.

(3) DECORATIONS- Let’s face it Christmas Decorations are some of the most fun to look at throughout the year (some forget to take them down).

(4) END OF CHRISTMAS SONGS- Just knowing that Christmas songs are ending in 24 hours must bring some relieve to your ears.

(5) GOOD WILL-  Many positive stories of charity and good will are reserved for this wonderful time of the year.


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