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Six Sense Happy Days 2

It appears easier to start a movie or television show on a high note then to end with this similar note but some have stayed in my mind. Here are just a few (below) that come to my mind and continue to stay there.

(1) THE SIXTH SENSE–  Here was an ending that drove the viewer to think are the sure what they are looking at in the real world

(2) HAPPY DAYS– Maybe it was the good times that we had watching the characters grow that led to this sentimental ending.

(3) FIGHT CLUB- This ending let everyone feel they were going insane in a good way?

(4) MASH- An ending that let you feel the closeness that war brings to those who try to save life’s.

(5) USUAL SUSPECTS- You will feel guilty with this ending.

(6) H(OUSE OF CARDS SEASON 1- The real reason the cast and crew ignored Kevin Spacey’s accusation for so long.

(7) HALLOWEEN/ WHEN A STRANGER CALLS/ SCREAM/ MY BLOODY VALENTINE- This is why horror leaves us longing for more and sequels. 

(8) NEWHART- Gave Dallas a run for it’s money

(9) ANGEL HEART- A shocker that continues to shock today.

(10) MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW- A sentimental favorite that still brings out the Kleenex. All In The Family- Should be mentioned but it’s too sad.

(11) PLANET OF THE APES- Damn that ending leaves statues crumbling…well maybe not.




Mash T.V Show Fight Club 4

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